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Fees are quoted on a project basis. By setting a fixed fee before work begins, the pressure is off both parties: the client doesn't need to worry that the invoice will come in higher than anticipated (as it can with an hourly wage basis or a "ball-park estimate"); I don't need to worry that the hours will creep up to more than the client is prepared to cover or that we might have an unpleasant confrontation at invoice time.

To prepare a price quote for a project, I discuss with the client the level of editorial work required, take a look at the manuscript, do some random sample editing to gauge the time and tasks involved, and set a fee. I provide a written quote that details the editorial tasks to be performed, lists tasks that are not included in this project, outlines a time frame, and sets a fee. That fee will not change unless both parties agree to some change in the tasks or time frame.

A deposit of one-third of the total is required before work begins.

For workshops, the fee is negotiable. Transportation, accommodation, and meals (if applicable) are additional.

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