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About Dorsch Editorial

What Clients Say

Unsolicited commendations gleaned from e-mails, letters, book acknowledgements, and book reviews.

“As before, I have greatly appreciated your calm professionalism and efficient management of the project!”

– Avivah Wargon, Supervising Editor, Pearson Education Canada

“The index is simply brilliant! What a difference it makes. I'm so pleased I found you.”

– Michael O'Hurley Pitts, St. Brigid Press

“Your work improved this novel... and because I could see the changes you made, my next novel will be written with all those things in mind... I truly appreciate the job you did. I get the impression this is more than a job to you. You care.”

– Joy DeKok, author

“I hope you realize, the more editing you do for us, the more I depend on and appreciate you!”

– Winepress Publishing

“You cannot imagine how helpful your extensive review has been in the rewriting of this... When I did my rewrites, I held [your] notes on my lap and referred over and over to them... What a learning experience this has been. And what a grand teacher you are.”

– Martha Boshart, author

“This is a BIG help... Our client is better off and for sure the writer is better off.”

– Larry Matthews, KMA Consultants

“If you need a glowing reference, I'm on call!”

– Rosie Dow, author, Christy award winner

“Audrey is in great demand and for good reason; she is one of the best in the business. When I learned that she had agreed to edit the book, I knew everything was going to be just fine.”

– Lois Sweet, author, excerpted from the acknowledgements of her book
Writing with Spirit, a Journalistic Guide to Effective Writing

“...and the index is top notch.”

– SPAWN: Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network newsletter,
in a book review of Literary Law Guide for Authors: Copyright,
Trademark, and Contracts in Plain Language

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Toronto, ON  M1E 4Y3
phone: 416-439-4320
e-mail: audrey@dorschedit.ca