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These workshops have been developed over almost 20 years of directing and teaching at writers' conferences and coordinating a professional communications program at Tyndale College. Content and length can be modified for specific needs.

Fees for workshops are negotiable. Transportation, accommodation, and meals (if applicable) are additional.

Basic Article Writing   4—6 hours

A nitty-gritty how-to session for the novice writer. The seminar covers the stages of an article from the inspiration to editor's desk, including the interim stages of research, rough draft, structure, manuscript format, subsequent drafts, and self-editing. It includes hands-on writing exercises. Some of the shorter workshops are expanded segments of this one (e.g. query letters, outlining).

The Bones of Writing   90 minutes

A good outline is the skeleton that prevents your facts and opinions from being just a shapeless heap of muscle and skin. This workshop will help develop your orthopedic skills by helping you organize the structure of your material.

Interview Skills   60—90 minutes

Are a conversation and an interview the same thing? Not necessarily. This seminar will discuss the importance of understanding your objectives; preparation for an interview; and techniques of interviewing, including phrasing your questions, handling sensitive issues, listening, and how to control the interview without leading the answers.

Newswriting   60—90 minutes

Your local paper or your denominational magazine may be more interested in your news than you think. What is news? What sort of news is your editor looking for? This workshop will explore these questions and go on to practical details such as how news structure differs from other writing; how to get church news into the secular press; and the issue of objectivity.

The Best Articles for Beginners to Write   60 minutes

This workshop explores several types of articles that will help develop writing skills on which a novice writer can build in order to graduate from "beginner" status. It covers as-told-to, profiles, news, devotionals, and letters to the editor and discusses the types of writing each of these could lead to.

Producing a Small Publication   5—6 hours

Because you're a writer you've been given the honour of producing the church newsletter or bulletin or magazine or youth event brochure. You're comfortable with the writing, but what are you supposed to do after that? This workshop will explore planning, acquiring content, editing content, and supervising the production of small publications for church or organizational purposes.

What is Editing, Anyhow?   2—3 hours

"Editing" is a very elastic term that can cover everything from publication management to nitpicking at commas. This workshop will explain the differences among categories of editing and deal in some depth with the responsibilities and techniques of substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

Query Letters and Magazine Analysis   60—90 minutes

This workshop will take a candid and practical look at the writer/editor relationship and how to get your foot in the door. It will deal with why and how to analyze a magazine; why and how to write a query letter; when not to query; what editors look for; dos and don'ts in how to approach editors; and how to find the right magazine.

Adding Skills that Open Doors   90 minutes

There's more to publishing than writing. Just as the movie industry has a few faces in front of the camera and hundreds of people backstage making it happen – and earning their living from it – the publishing industry has many more opportunities than people sometimes realize. If you have skills for one of the other slots on the team – content editing, copy editing, proofreading, evaluations, layout, production, indexing – you can expand your freelance business.

Group Critiquing   90—120 minutes

The insight of peers can be invaluable in polishing your work for publication. This workshop will offer tips on giving and receiving useful criticism as well as some guidelines in organizing a critique group. The majority of the time is spent in hands-on critiquing. Participants must bring along an unpublished manuscript.

Writing Practicum   4 hours

A guided rewrite session for the writer with some experience. Manuscripts submitted in advance will be thoroughly edited. In the session, the instructor spends time with each student individually discussing the manuscript. While the instructor is with one student, the others are rewriting their manuscripts according to the editing. The instructor has a second block of time with each student, giving feedback on the effectiveness of the revisions.
Parameters: Maximum 8 students.
Manuscripts to be submitted minimum two weeks before seminar.
Class is most effective if offered in two-hour blocks on consecutive days.

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